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Helping missionaries reboot their operating system

Heb. 6:10 For God is not unjust to forget your work and labor of love which you have shown toward His name, [in that] you have ministered to the saints, and do minister.

If you’re concerned that a missionary you know might be discouraged and drifting away from faithfully serving in a God-glorifying way, what would you share with them?

Since the writer of the letter to the Hebrew Christians of his time was concerned about this exact scenario unfolding in the lives of these fellow believers that he cared deeply about, the two truths he passed on to them in this verse might exactly what your missionary friend needs to hear.


Like those who these words were originally written to, the first thing drifting missionaries need to know is that God is paying attention to what they have been doing.

Even though they might feel like God has forgotten or doesn’t really care about the sacrifices they have made or their acts of service for His glory among the nations, because He isn’t unjust or unrighteous, those things can’t happen.

Provoking missionaries to think afresh about the attentiveness that God lavishes upon them is essential for helping to keep them from drifting towards self-service.


The second thing they need to know is that He’s not only paying attention to what they have been doing, He knows why they have been doing it.

They need to be reminded that He knows that it was their love for Him and His glory that motivated them to leave everything behind and relocate to another country in order to serve Him by serving others in the first place.

Helping them to remember that He knows why they have done what they have done is like nudging them to reboot the operating system of their lives so they can continue being what He designed them to be–servants of the true and living God representing Him in the location He’s called them to.

So remind them that He is paying attention–He truly cares, and that He knows the service they’ve been rendering to other believers has been the fruit of their love for Him and His glory.

Whether they are faithfully serving other believers right now or they’re in the midst of drifting away from being the servant He has designed them to be, they can never go wrong by rebooting the operating system they navigate life by.

Encourage them to re-embrace these two truths and let the reboot begin.

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