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Heart Beats

_67019810_heart122375065Not my heart.. but a pretty cool looking one, right!?

You know who you are. I want to thank you for your financial contribution and being a part of the team that sends me financially. I appreciate your donations, your encouragement and your support. And your prayers.

Your heart is special and houses a beat, a heart beat tempo that keeps in step with God.

Generosity isn’t really a naturally occurring tendency but a God inspired phenomenon.

Thank you for joining me. I especially love that I get to be me and you get to be you and we travel along with our eyes focused on God.

We’re changing the world. We are. And when God is the LORD of your life? That is attractive. Beyond beautiful. That touches other people’s hearts in the best way.

I’m asking God to continue to lead you, guide you, encourage and support you.

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