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Has It Really Just Been A Year?

I spent 34 years living in the US and I’ve only been gone just short of a year, but reverse culture shock is real. True I was intentional about making my new home my “home” but still how did things change so much while I was gone?? Oh wait, I don’t think anything did.

My first decision time came just after I stepped off the plane in Detroit Monday night. It was time for dinner. I had a hard time because there were too many options, too many different GOOD options. Of course I went for a bagel (tried but failed in South Africa) with turkey and bacon (the real kind, not the Canadian kind).

Driving…I still have to think when I make left hand turn. You must go around the traffic. And I only had one true cringe moment when someone else was driving and they went the WRONG WAY around a roundabout…oh wait. Nope that was right. The hardest part is my left foot keeps searching for the clutch at key moments and I can’t figure out why the car doesn’t just go when it’s in reverse and my foot is not on the clutch or the brake.

Choices, choices, choices. So many options it’s overwhelming.

If I hear one more person talk about slow internet or bad cell coverage… I might not be able to hold my tongue next time.

And I’ve heard a few underage people say things like “there’s nothing to do here” and a few overage people start down that road as well. Oh you have A LOT of options to choose from. Was I as blind to them too just a year ago??

The light and lack of stars. That I must say I miss about my new home. Even here where I would go and thought I could see so many stars, I never knew how many God really made out there.

The noise! You can’t get away from it. All the constant input. TV, radio, cell phone, smart phones. And I live in a pretty westernized culture. I’m glad, however, that it’s quieter and slower-paced though.

But all in all it’s good to be home. It’s good to see friends and family. It’ll be good to stock up on the goodies to take back. And it’s good to make me realize how much I appreciate living in the valley and how far I’ve already traveled on this journey.

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