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Global Impact Churches, Part 2

In my previous post, I laid out the six things that Global Impact churches KNOW.

What I probably should have made clear is that a Global Impact church that knows those things is the direct result of God revealing Himself in a fresh way to that church’s leaders. And because those leaders are convinced that He has helped them to know those truths, they are passionate about passing on what they know to the whole congregation.

And in the same way that the leaders came to know and then passed that knowledge on to the church, those leaders will also DO the following things in order to ensure their church becomes a Global Impact church. They will:

  1. Instill a bible-based understanding of God’s reasons for creating the diversity of ethnicities, languages, and cultures that He assigns each person to be born in to and derive a large portion of their identity from.
  1. Regularly remind the members that though their church may be small, it still a significant part of a much bigger and global work that God is doing.
  1. Infuse every ministry and every member of the church with a vision and passion to make God known both across the street and around the world.
  1. Ensure that at least one update on what God is doing outside the borders of the United States is included as a part of every gathering of the church’s members.
  1. Move the church to adopt, become informed about, and pray for an unreached or unengaged people group. Also to pray for and commit to financially support the missionaries and ministries trying to reach that people group.
  1. Help every member to become knowledgeable about the ethnicities, languages, and cultures of the people that God has brought from around the world to live in their church’s local community.
  1. Discover and promote creative onramps for church members to engage the people from around the world that now live in their neighborhoods.
  1. Develop a short-term missions ministry which provides opportunity for cross- cultural service outside the borders of the United States, and that God might use to ignite a long-term missionary calling in the lives of some of those that went on the trips.
  1. Establish a missions leadership team that will create a written missions policy that includes an easy to understand path and process for a potential missionary to follow.

A local church that comes to KNOW their God afresh, will DO those things that will transform them into a Global Impact church. What a blessing to behold!

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Shepherd's Staff, Pastor Jeff Jackson

Jeff Jackson is the founder of Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators and currently is the director of Church Relationships and Missionary Care. Jeff previously served with his family church planting in the central Philippines and planted churches in the United States.

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