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From the field

Here are a few recent missionary blog posts from the missionaries we are honored to serve. Enjoy them, pass them around, but more importantly,  we ask you to pray for them.


Erich and Kelley Schindler and their boys serve in Taiwan, and summarize what’s taken place in their lives and ministry in 2016.  Click here

The Comer family have been on the field for a month and experienced their first Christmas on St. Kitts.  Needless to say, it wasn’t like Christmas back home in Tennessee.  Click here

Chris and Kacy Ladd serve in Cape Town and share a thorough and thought-provoking example of disappointment in their lives and ministry and it’s connection to some of the aspects surrounding the birth of Jesus.  Click here

Jenn Birkey, serving in Italy, shares an important lesson about a phrase we all use and how defining it for a non-native English speaker was a blessing to her–and also describes some of the other ministry that took place in December.  Click here

Byron and Emily Johnson live and serve in Ukraine, and reflect on some of the key lessons they’ve learned from having lived on the mission field for four years.  Click here


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