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From the field

From the Field is a collection of updates from some of the missionaries we have the honor of serving.  Please enjoy, pass them on to others, and pray.

Jen Birkey serves in Italy and shares the connection between impatience with avocados and waiting on God’s timing in this post.

Melanie Dill unpacks some of the details of GROW, a new ministry based on age-old principles, as she serves in difficult community environments in South Africa.  Her latest post is here.

Aaron and Katelyn Comer describe their pre-field training at Mission Training International (  The words and pictures they use really give you a feel for what they experienced as they prepare to serve on St. Kitts island.  Here’s the post.

Byron and Emily Johnson serve in Ukraine and share great insight about language barriers in this post.

Ann Wibbenmeyer talks about the hello’s and goodbye’s she experienced as she finally made the move to full time life and ministry in Uganda.  Her post is here.

Trip Kimball emphasizes the never-ending longing God’s people have for community in this short, but insightful post.

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