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From the Field

Here are a few recent missionary blog posts from the missionaries we have the honor of serving. Enjoy them and pass them around, but more importantly,  we ask you to pray for them.


Julianne Heilman lives in Uganda and offers some tips for riding a Boda, some insight in to Ugandan wedding traditions, and an update on the children’s ministry she’s involved with. Click here

Erich and Kelley Schindler live in Taiwan and describe what’s taking place within the church where they serve and a great blessing that God provided for their young sons, Max and Sam. Click here

Chris and Kacy Ladd serve in South Africa, and share some incredibly transparent and powerful thoughts about the challenges of raising a nine year old boy that spends two short stretches of time with his biological dad each year.  Click here

Aaron and Katelyn Comer serve in St. Kitts and a portrait of their first HOT summer living there, and some of the exciting things happening in their lives and ministry.  Click here

Jen Birkey serves in Rome, and passes on some of the experiences she had while coming back to the states to attend a wedding–and also what’s happening on the field.  Click here

Randy and Kari Saul serve in Kenya and Kari shares some her thoughts on a joyful man that has made a huge difference in her life and so many others.  Click here

Tim and Mindy Seeley live and serve in the Bahamas and report on the some of the latest happenings there, including an opportunity they had to get a short break away from the “fishbowl” that is created by living at the place you minister.  Click here 

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