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From the Field

Here are a few recent missionary blog posts from the missionaries we are honored to serve. Enjoy them and pass them around, but more importantly,  we ask you to pray for them.


Jenn Birkey serves in Italy and uses navigating through a dark tunnel as an illustration of a time of stress…and how God brought her through that tunnel.  Click here

Aaron and Katelyn Comer serve in St. Kitts, and reflect on the increased need for patience when living in a different culture.  Click here

Tim and Mindy Seeley serve in the Bahamas and give an update on Marleigh’s Ministry and a number of other happenings that typify the diversity of ministry they do on a regular basis.  Click here

Chris & Kacy Ladd serve in South Africa describe a visit from their parents and the amazing truth and love that imparted to their son Lifa.  Click here


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