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From the Field

Here are a few recent missionary blog posts from the missionaries we have the honor of serving. Enjoy them and pass them around, but more importantly,  we ask you to pray for them.


Aaron and Katelyn Comer share a great video summarizing their first six months of living and serving on St. Kitts.  Click here

Erich and Kelley Schindler live and serve in Taipei, and provide an update on what’s been happening with their efforts to adopt, what’s been happening with the church, a few other aspects of life in a big city.  Click here

Ann Wibbenmeyer lives and serves in Uganda, and gives a glimpse of a struggle that she thought would influence what she would write about–and how God had something else in mind.  Click here

Randy and Kari Saul live and serve in Nairobi, and Kari shares from her heart about the blessing of a baton being passed successfully.  Click here

Chris and Kacy Ladd serve in South Africa, and share some of the challenges of living a very multi-ethnic city and the challenges that presents.  Click here



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