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From the field

Here are a few recent missionary blog posts from the missionaries we are honored to serve. Enjoy them and pass them around, but more importantly,  we ask you to pray for them.

Christ and Kacy Ladd serve in South Africa, and share a few of the lessons they learned as their son, Lifa, struggled with memorizing multiplication tables.  Click here

Melanie Dill also lives in South Africa and lays out some of her goals for 2017, along with some great pictures of what she’s been blessed to be doing over the past few months.  Click here

Byron and Emily Johnson serve in Ukraine and describe the blessings they experienced during their recent six week visit to the U.S.   Click here

Tim and Mindy Seeley serve in the Bahamas and share a very thorough update that is a celebration of their fourth anniversary on the mission field.  Click here

Jen Birkey serves in Italy and describes the multi-ethnic experience that renewing her visa entailed.  Click here

Aaron and Katelyn Comer live on St. Kitts and just concluded their second full month on the field and share some of the challenges they have faced and a few of the amazing opportunities for ministry the Lord has opened for them.  Click here


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