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Hey everyone! Many apologies for not getting a post up sooner. Fall was a rollercoaster ride on our side of the world, and we’re excited to update you on everything that’s taken place!

First and foremost, God is doing great things with our worship team at CCČakovec. A couple of months ago, we had the opportunity to go on a worship weekend getaway trip in the woods. Our time was sweet, filled with fellowship, the Word, and prayer. Previously, we had talked nonchalantly about potentially trying to write some new worship songs together, and to our surprise it actually happened! That weekend, two new songs were born, propelling us into a new and exciting chapter of ministry.

Nearly eight songs later, after many late evenings spent in lingering inspiration, we are finishing up the beginning stages of the first original Croatian worship CD (something that Christians in Croatia have been asking our church for for quite sometime now). Nothing like this has been done before. Until now, almost all of the worship songs sung in Croatian churches have been translated from English, each church having their own personal translation. This is fine, but imagine if all the songs we sang in American churches were translated from a different language, each church singing different words to the same melody. Since translations often lose the heart behind the song, or can take on a different meaning, it is easy to see how it could be sometimes difficult to “connect” with the words you’re singing. This is why it will be such a blessing for the body of Christ in Croatia to have songs written and composed in their heart language. This is truly an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Lord’s work in this nation, a worship CD, written by Croatians for the glory of God in Croatia. That being said, we desire that this CD would be a catalyst to unite all the churches in Croatia in songs of praise.

We are looking into the technical details of recording in a studio here in addition to some other factors, and the current estimated price will be around $3,000. We’ll keep you updated if we find another option or if that price fluctuates at all. That being said, if anyone has a desire to give to this cause directly, send us an email at for more information.

Briefly, I’d like to mention the many events that occurred in the past couple of months. At the end of October, Emily was able to take a trip back to Split to visit and minister to all of the friends we have there. She stayed with T, the woman for whom we purchased the laptop a few years ago (see this blog post), and it was amazing to see the transformation in T’s life and how God is using her there. She is ministering to other women in her community in the same way that Emily did with her when she was experiencing a rough time in life. Emily also had the opportunity to share the Gospel with many of our other friends there who still aren’t saved. We hadn’t visited Split since we moved to Čakovec, and this was clearly a trip ordained by the Lord. The weekend after that, a large conference for youth from former Yugoslavia (Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, etc) took place in Zagreb. Ben took one of the guys from our youth group who he’s been discipling for the whole weekend and Emily and the worship team came down on Sunday to lead worship for the final session. It was truly amazing to see 300 or so youth from countries with previous hostile relations worshipping Jesus together! The youth really enjoyed it and lives were changed and transformed. The weekend after that, Ron Sanchez and Alan Chappel from South Hill Calvary Chapel came to visit us. Our time with them was rich indeed. It was very encouraging being able to talk with them and spend time in fellowship. We took a short trip to Zagreb to show them the city and spend time together. Thanks SHCC for sharing them with us! We were abundantly blessed! The last thing that took place the following weekend, in that busy month was our first ever youth conference at CCČakovec. About 80 youth attended, mostly from the other churches in our area and Zagreb (and a few unsaved friends). We had a team from the CC bible college in Hungary come to help as well. It was awesome to see all the youth from our church get involved, serving, cleaning, leading worship, etc. We hope to continue this in the future.

As we’ve shared in recent posts, the Lord is doing a sweet work among the youth in our church. It is so encouraging to see them grow in their hunger for the things of God. As we continued to have our Friday bible studies, our hearts went out to the youth, not only from our church, but from other churches in Čakovec who study in Zagreb. Because they aren’t home a lot, and never succeeded in finding a church in Zagreb, our hearts were burdened for them so we decided to start a bible study with them. We’ve had two studies so far with 6 students and it’s been such a blessing! As we plan to visit Zagreb every other week, please keep this in your prayers, that the Lord would lead us and guide us as we see what He has for this bible study and our future.

Finally, we thank you for your prayers and support this past year. Thank you for taking time to read our posts, for asking how events went, for desiring to be a part of what the Lord is doing here. It is bittersweet not being with our friends and family in the States this year for Christmas, but at the same time, we also have family here who will forever be a part of our lives. God is good. May the Lord bless you all this Christmas season and give us all grace to love him more this upcoming year!

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