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Emboldened for front-line battle….through children!

Can a group of children from a church in the U.S. actually encourage missionaries that are serving on the field?  Mindy Seeley, a SSMF missionary that serves in Bahamas shares the encouragement she received from the hand of children, whose words cards and words were received by way of “snail mail”. 


Never underestimate children and the impact they can have!

On April 14th we received an unexpected envelope. As we opened the envelope and removed the contents, we started reading through 7 colorful handmade cards from about 23 children.

It was touching to see the artistry of these children and to read their simple messages of encouragement.

Their messages to people they do not know (and may never meet) were sweet, uplifting and encouraging.

What impacted us the most is the fact that the church where these children attend is a church we are not associated with.

We visited there once about 10 years ago when we were in Wausau visiting a friend.

As I contemplated how to honor these little encouragers for the great “work” they had done by sending us these cards, I reflected back to my childhood and the many notes I had written to missionaries for Sunday School or VBS class projects.

As I pondered on this, I told Tim and Zachary we need to write back to these children.

I don’t ever recall getting a note back from a missionary that I had written to as a child.

I want these children to know how encouraging they are and how their simple act has benefitted the ministry here.

I know we have mentioned this many times in our blogs and emails, but I hope you will indulge me and let me say it again.

We LOVE hearing from people back in the States (and from other places as well)!

We are not partial to snail mail letters and notes; any correspondence will do.

Perhaps it is because we love the feeling of connection with our home culture or because we are prideful human beings who like to know we are being thought of and appreciated or because we are lonely and enjoy hearing from people or because we are nosey and want to know what is going on back home.

But I think it is more than any of these.

We enjoy hearing from people back home (especially sentiments of “we are praying for you”) because it emboldens us to do what we are doing because we know there are fellow Christians praying for us as we do battle on the front lines!

Though Bahamas is modern enough, it is still a foreign culture. It is hard to live here.

Furthermore, Satan does not want us to bring glory to Jesus, and he will do whatever he can to thwart any good thing we do here.

We need prayer and we need the encouragement that comes from hearing people say, “I am praying for you and your ministry work.”

So please write to us if you can. We would love to hear from you! With that, please understand, we will do the best we can to respond in a timely manner.



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