Walking through the Wilderness

Our sixteen year old daughter came into our room and fell into our bed crying. “Can I stay in here with you guys tonight?” “What’s the matter, honey?” was not the question to ask and so I didn’t. Our family of four had only been on the mission field for...

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servant test

Servant Test

My favorite story told by a pastor of a church I attended was of his early days as a believer. Within the first year of becoming a Christian he knew he wanted to go into the ministry. He studied the Bible, he had a regular “quiet time,” and he volunteered...

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God shapes us by revealing our motivation

Motivation Test

Why are you in ministry? Why do you want to go into the mission field? I have a confession: I had many motivations for going to the mission field. Most were noble, but some were self-serving. I wanted to bring the gospel to the unreached. I was motivated to serve...

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