As a prospective missionary, it’s important to know the following about Shepherd’s Staff to determine if we’re a good fit for you and your home church: 

Shepherd’s Staff is Unique – Shepherd’s Staff does not approach churches for people and financial resources to help fulfill our vision. We provide “services” to local churches and their missionaries to help a church fulfill its “missions vision”.

Shepherd’s Staff is Local Church Centered – Shepherd’s Staff’s passion is to empower churches to participate fully in the Great Commission. Although we are definitely a “parachurch” organization, our continued existence is dependent on local churches raising up their own members who have been called by God, confirmed in that calling by the church’s leadership, and who are convinced that it’s time to move forward with serving the Lord in another country. The missionary and their home church are the ones who determine:

  • Where they will serve
  • How much personal support will need to be raised
  • What their ministry will be on the mission field
  • When they will depart for the mission field
  • How often they will take furloughs, and the length of those furloughs
  • What success will look like
  • When they should no longer serve on the foreign field

Shepherd’s Staff is Foreign Focused – Shepherd’s Staff defines “missions” as taking the Gospel to others across geographic, cultural and linguistic boundaries. We are currently serving missionaries in over 50 countries and our services are geared toward the needs of foreign missionaries and the home churches from which they’re sent. An example of our understanding of important foreign missionary issues would be our service and policies that were developed regarding missionary safety and security.

Shepherd’s Staff is Committed to Helping Churches Send Well – Shepherd’s Staff understands the dynamics between a local church and those they send out, especially the church’s desire for equipping missionaries and senders, ensuring support funds are administered properly, and providing missionary care and nurture. Through our current experienced staff and strategic partner network of resources, Shepherd’s Staff is a missionary care partner to help provide key services and expertise that facilitates a local church sending its missionaries in a manner worthy of God.

We come alongside the church at whatever level of engagement they choose, such as:

  • Providing administration services for missionary support funds, and access to a missionary group health plan and a 403b retirement plan
  • Advising the church on setting up missionary care and missionary nurture structures, and providing workshops for equipping missionary caregivers
  • Advising the church on missionary training programs best suited to their missionary’s ministry and location


Shepherd’s Staff has over 15 years of experience in providing Administration Services for missionary support funds, resulting in the following numerous practical benefits for the missionary, the home church and donors.

For the missionary:

W-2 employee status with the IRS and the appropriate withholding and depositing of funds according to IRS guidelines throughout the tax year

Timely distribution of funds to the missionary each month along with a list of names, addresses, and amounts donated during the previous month

A group health insurance plan that includes benefits for medical care on the mission field, coverage for emergency medical evacuation, and coverage for health care in the U.S. due to an emergency or during furlough

A 403b retirement plan that allows missionaries access to a tax preferred method for retirement savings

For the home church:

Freedom from administrating support funds on behalf of your missionary

All donations are recorded and administered by Shepherd’s Staff, and donors are receipted for each donation within 10 days of receipt of their donation

Monthly updates informing the church leadership of the funds received each month, in comparison to the monthly budget created by the missionary

Satisfaction of knowing that your missionary is in the correct status with the IRS and that the appropriate tax withholding is being accomplished on his/her behalf

Peace of mind that results from knowing your missionary has a solid health insurance policy (including emergency medical evacuation) that will provide access to the best health care possible at the lowest possible cost to the missionary and his family

Confidence that the missionary’s donors, many of whom may be members of your church, will only receive a receipt for their donation to Shepherd’s Staff on behalf of your missionary, along with a coupon and an envelope for another possible donation. No other mail or any form of solicitation from Shepherd’s Staff will ever be sent to them.

For the donor:

A variety of methods to give financially to the missionary whom God has called them to support, including:

  • A check sent through the mail in the traditional way or using your bank’s bill pay service
  • An online one time or monthly recurring donation made from the Shepherd’s Staff website
  • Setting up a monthly debit from your checking account or credit card using the Shepherd’s Staff Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form

A receipt sent to them for every donation they make, usually within 10 days of the date it is received by Shepherd’s Staff.

A guarantee that the only mail they will ever receive from Shepherd’s Staff will be the receipt for their last donation. No newsletters from us, no solicitation for funds, and no distribution of their name and address to any other organization will ever take place.