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Missionary Furlough?

It can be very awkward when a missionary visits a supporting church and a well intentioned person welcomes them “home” and says it must be great to have a break from the work. Those with experience know the missionary furlough is anything but a break. They also know the furlough...

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In a previous post we discussed WHY churches and missionaries take part in short-term missions. We then worked through the ROLES which help all involved with short-term missions. Now we turn the focus to having a Pilgrim-Mindset in short-term missions leading to a similar mindset upon return. “How many of you serve in the children’s ministry of your home church?”...

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Updates from the Field

Reading these linked missionary blog posts is good, but please also take the time to pray for the work and the people. Shelley Kardos from Italy explains her full heart as her husband Michael completes chemotherapy treatment in a post titled Be Our Strength Every Morning. Ben Grisez in Sydney Australia...

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Short-Term Mission Roles

Presuming senders, goers and receivers of short-term missions teams agree short-term missions are primarily to support on-going missionary and national works, there are pre-departure, on-field and post-field steps that will help the success of those teams. While respecting campus ministries and others engaged in short-term missions, the main planning points will be for...

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Byron and Emily Johnson were missionaries to the Ukraine before political unrest forced them to leave the country. They are now missionaries to Uganda and have a story to tell. In this post, Byron discusses the call for a Christian to die to self in order to enjoy true life.   During...

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