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A healed leg: The fruit of prayer and fasting?

What happens when a Ugandan young man that is hungry for God’s word also prays and fasts?  Margaret Nelson, a SSMF missionary who serves in that country describes what happens and also shares her excitement about the other ways God is moving in her local church. 

As we start off the New Year in Uganda, it is bright with promise.

Already this year at New Life Church:

–We are finding the subject coming up of needing to buy more chairs.

–We are growing numerically as well as spiritually.

–We have bought some corrugated iron sheets for church roofing that were pledged in December, and we are looking ahead to both starting work on the roof, and buying a brick making machine which will save us a lot of money in our future planned constructions.

One of our newer members, Ronald, has delighted us with his hunger for the Word of God. He eats every morsel from the Sunday teachings, and then he talks about what he learned to anyone who will listen.

Recently he spent 3 days in prayer and fasting before the Lord.

Upon coming out of his fast, he ran into a guy in his village who was seriously injured in a drunken accident last June.

This man was a driver until his alcohol use ended his career.

He had never wanted to hear anything about the things of God.

But when he found his leg seriously shattered and the government hospital talking of amputating it, he fled to his home, where he’s been hobbling on crutches since June. The leg has never mended and he had constant pain from the broken bones hitting on each other.

Ronald saw him and his pain, so he asked him if he might pray for him to be healed.

The man agreed, grasping at straws after more than 6 months of pain.

Ronald prayed with him for an hour!

Soon the man was exclaiming that he no longer felt the bones hitting each other in his leg – and that he had no more pain! He quickly gave up his crutches in exchange for a walking stick, and began hobbling around, using the leg for the first time since the accident.

And that following Sunday, he came to New Life Church with a bunch of his friends, where our congregation joined him in worship and thanksgiving to God for what He’d done.

The next Sunday when I taught my adult Sunday School lesson, I was finishing up the 8th chapter of Mark. That led into teaching on what God calls people to be willing to give up to truly follow Jesus, (Mark 8:34,35,36  Matt 7:13,14 Titus 2:11, 12 Rom. 8:17 Col 3:5              Ps. 49:17).

All eyes were soberly fastened upon me as I taught these and other words to the people, including this newly healed man and several of his friends.

Then after a time of worship and testimony, Pastor David preached his message. He had not been in the church when I taught my lesson, but his sermon was on salvation. He said many of the same things I had said, and used the scripture of the broad and narrow gates.

I love it when the Holy Spirit does that!

At the end of the service, we had 9 people respond, wanting to accept Christ as their Savior!

The healed man is now walking without a stick, less than 2 weeks after being prayed for. He limps badly because of the muscle wasting in his legs, but he testified to much improved strength and walking ability. Pain will often soften the hardest of hearts, and now this man and his friends are receiving healing in their hearts as well. Pray for them as they start their new lives in this New Year.

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