Global Impact Churches, Part 1


Regardless of their size, local churches are called and capable of having  global missions impact by joining in what God is doing around the world. The churches that believe this is true and are involved in global missions at a significant level are incredibly diverse. Although these churches come in a wide variety, there are six foundational truths that they all have in common.

These are the things that local churches making a global impact KNOW:

  1. WHO they worship

Churches with global impact recognize that from the time God took the initiative to engage Adam and Eve after their rebellion, down through the centuries, and on into the future, the God of the bible —their God, is The Missionary God. That He is worthy of having His praises proclaimed to all people and deserving to receive what Jesus said He seeks—spirit and truth filled worshipers.

  1. WHY they must participate…

Churches with global impact believe the Great Commission is to be taken seriously by every  Christian and every church.  Its members are confident that the “end game” He has revealed in Revelation 5:9 and Revelation 7:9, will become a reality, and they believe He has invited them to have a hands-on role in the fulfillment of that truly global  worship service.

  1. HOW they can participate…

When churches have a global impact they are informed and creatively engaged in reaching out to the people from other countries, languages, cultures, and religions that God has  purposely relocated in to their own local community.  Well-planned short-term mission trips composed of specifically trained church members are  are also an integral part of this church’s global missions involvement

  1. WHERE God is calling them to focus their global endeavors…

Churches with a global impact primarily concentrate their multifaceted global missions  involvement on the few countries that He has given them a burden for long term impact. In many ways, the members of this church possess an out of the ordinary knowledge of the places and people in the parts of the world which God has called them to zero in on.

  1. WHEN God is calling one or more of them to GO!

A global impact church is confident that as they worship, serve, pray, and intentionally participate at  numerous levels in God’s global purposes, He will call a few of  them to become missionaries.They are convinced that when He calls themto go, He will confirm their calling to the leaders/overseers of the church and  those that they have served alongside.

  1. WHAT it takes to send their fellow members in a manner worthy of God…

A global impact church navigates in accordance with a written missions policy that its  leaders have developed.Evidence of calling, a clearly described path for a  potential missionary to follow, and the significant benefits of a church  member completing the process before departure are key aspects of the  policy. Caring for those that are sent is a high priority and people-based  structures are established to serve and encourage those who go while they are on the field and when they return to the U.S.

The local churches that know these six things continually seek to put what they know in to practice. Churches that KNOW will always DO!

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Jeff Jackson, Shepherd's StaffJeff Jackson is the founder of Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators and currently is the director of Church Relationships and Missionary Care. Jeff previously served with his family church planting in the central Philippines and planted churches in the United States.

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