In this audio series, Jeff Jackson introduces listeners to the reality of re-entry. Most people are surprised to learn that coming back to the States and American culture after serving for a term, whether short or extended, in the foreign field, is difficult. It seems the biggest shock to the system and senses would occur when a missionary arrives on the field. But the truth is, coming home is not necessarily a home coming.

In part three, to get a woman’s point of view, Jeff Jackson interviews former missionary Susan Mondok about coming home from the mission field. The issue is usually discussed around a male point of view. Susan helps round out this many layered discussion. Susan also talks about the adjustment her teenaged children had to make when coming back to school and church in the States.

Finally, Jeff refers to his missionary re-entry experience as the catalyst for how and why Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators operates the way it does. We also talk about easy and practical ways to include returning missionaries into the fold and include the local church in the re-entry process. When thought through, everyone grows and the local church’s vision for missions expands.

» Reentry Part One

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Re-entry Part One

Re-entry Part Two

Re-entry Part Three

Re-entry Part Four