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Updates from the Field

Reading these linked missionary blog posts is good, but please also take the time to pray for the work and the people.

  • Shelley Kardos from Italy explains her full heart as her husband Michael completes chemotherapy treatment in a post titled Be Our Strength Every Morning.
  • Trip Kimball wrote and intriguing cross-cultural post called A Man and His Faith about his Ethiopian friend.
  • Julianne Heilman wrote of her time watching Anne of Green Gables with some of the kids from her ministry in Uganda. The post is titled, The Gift of Imagination.
  • Kayt and Kalan Spencer, in Taipei, set an example of finding rest in their area of ministry in a post titled Four Dragons Waterfall.
  • Jen Birkey in Italy is getting ready for a short-term mission from the church plant in Roma to a newer church plant in Saracusa. She wrote about the trip and team in Attempt and Expect.

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