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2013 Taipei Missional Community Christmas Eve Service

Dear Friends,

We just wanted to let everyone know that our 2013 Taipei Missional Community Christmas Eve Service went really well. Besides our 6 MC team members, about 15 friends from the community showed up, including several people walking in off the street. Our team prepared a delicious Christmas Eve dinner of Beijing Roast Duck, mashed potatoes, salad, shrimp sauce green peppers, fried cabbage, rolls, and fruit salad. After dinner, we spent 30 minutes singing Christmas carols in Chinese and English. Erich shared a short Christmas message in Chinese, with Kelley translating into English for our foreigner friends. This was the first time many of our friends have heard the Christmas story. After a short time of prayer, we had a candle-lighting ceremony, and sang Silent Night. Finally, we handed out gift boxes filled with Christmas cookies, and information about our Taipei Missional Community.
We received great feedback in person and on Facebook after the service. For many of our friends, this was the first Christmas service they had ever experienced. Hearts were touched, and we’d appreciate your continued prayers for our friends to integrate into our regular house church meetings.

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