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Michael and Shelley Kardos

  • Mike and Shelley were serving as missionaries at Calvary Chapel Rome, until March of 2016 when Mike was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and advised by his surgeon in Rome to return to the states “to get his affairs in order,” because the cancer was too far advanced and inoperable.

    However, hundreds of people from all over the world were praying for Mike and after another surgery in September, his surgeon in Washington said they found only the residual scar tissue where the tumor had been. Pathology tested 19 lymph nodes and found no sign of cancer. His doctors are amazed and have even used the word “miracle,” yet they still want to see him every three months.

    Mike and Shelley don’t believe the Lord is finished with them in Italy and plan to serve part time in Rome this year as the Lord leads and provides. They came back to the states with a lot of questions, but are returning in March with an amazing testimony of the greatness of our miracle-working Savior and the power of Prayer!

  • Missionary Account Number: 1409
  • Country of Service: Italy
  • Home Church: Calvary Spokane

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